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Goodness — Psalm 119 Art


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Right now I am devastated.  I feel.

A friend has breast cancer, and I am floored.

But, I remember your word, “we grieve, but not as those who have no hope.” (I Thes. 4:13)

I will hang onto your word with all that is in me, even as I cry and pray and feel.


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A “Wineskin in the Smoke”? (Ps. 119:83)


   Psalm 119: 83

  “Though I am like a wineskin in the smoke,   
              I do not forget your decrees.” 



Anyone know what this scripture means from our 119 reading? 

WELL, I “Google-ed” it and found a commentary at this link!  Check it out!  (click the colored type)

For me, it means that sometimes we feel all used up, washed up, and wrinkled up, dried up, smoked up, and have taken in “all the bad stuff”. 

Isn’t it great to know…God still has purposes for us?  And we can still “sing our Psalms for sure!

I love the thoughts!  I pray God “re-conditions” all “smoked wineskins” this weekend!

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Same ‘Ole?

This morning, I turned off the alarm. I didn’t want to get up to walk the dog.

But, the dog barked. Loudly.

And I got up.

Same walk as last night, in the dark.

Same walk.

Same path.

Same pitter patter, hers double time.

Same as the morning before…

Hands stuffed in pockets, Kleenex handy for cool weather sniffles.

Shuffling along, trying to will myself awake, or stay asleep, I couldn’t decide which.

I was suddenly aware of things brighter. Lighter.

I looked up…and, “WOW! Would you LOOK at that!”

Daisy Dog was still content with her tennis ball, not “getting it”.

I ran back inside for the camera, anxious to try to capture something,

anything of it,

to share with anyone…



“For it is light that makes everything visible.

This is why it is said:

“Wake up, O sleeper, rise from the dead,

and Christ will shine on you.”

Eph. 5:14


Changing, moment by moment…


Watercolor, by Creator God.

And I almost missed it, fearing redundancy. Wake me up, Lord! You make “all things new!”

You have heard these things;

look at them all…

From now on I will tell you of new things,

of hidden things unknown to you.”

Isaiah 48:6


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Psalm 119 Review

I have never taken time to read Psalm 119 straight through seriously.  It just seemed so long!  It’s like a blog post that goes on forever!  You can’t help but suspect that someone, somewhere, has surely say it more concisely.   You give up.

Well, not today, my friend.  Not today!  Diggin’ in!

I’ve divided it up into quadrants, and have been making personal notes on each section.  It’s been good.  I have one fourth left to go.  The emotion, vacillation between hope and helplessness, plea-ing, worship — so typical of my day.   Hubby laughed at that aspect.  I said, “Hon, that is most of my days.  Seriously.”  My mind really does have highs and lows like that a lot. 

For non-artisticly built people, this writer appears bi-polar (Did David write this one?  Anyone know?) .  In any case, he just feels emotions deeply, and can articulate them so quickly that they run over one another.  It’s almost funny at times to read.  Yet, it rings true for all of us — on many levels.  You can’t read it without thinking…”Man!  I’ve been there!”

Bro. Ray’s notes on prayer today were interesting.  I realized I need to re-evaluate some things in my prayer life as a result.  I hope you’ve been challenged as well.  I’m sure enjoying everyone’s comments.  Fun stuff through the week, “peoples”. 


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Psalm 119

Day One: The First Thing


  • Be committed to God’s word as the primary element in my day (not TV, radio, music, or other peripheral reading.
  • Read 119.
  • Journal my thoughts–personally find an effective way for me to read and journal this week.

Click below to read Psalm 119 if you would like to read on the computer (I sometime copy and paste it to a Word doc., then “attack it” with online tools and dictionaries. It is nice to have a lot of text typed rather than trying to hand copy notes at times).

Psalm 119 NIV

Psalm 119 AMP

Psalm 119 NASB


I was going to post the entirely here, but it’s very long. I decided to give you links, then “attack it” using a page tab at the top of this page. Click that tab if you want my commentary, also the comments from Day One are excellent! Check them out! (Click the colored text).

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Not “Curbed” — Oswald Chambers

“It is the great moment of our lives

when we decide that sin

must die right out,

not be curbed

or suppressed

or counter-acted,

but crucified.”

–Oswald Chambers

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The Power of Failing (Jean Nicholas Grou Quote)

When in His mercy God leads a soul in the higher paths of sanctification, He begins by stripping it of all self-confidence, and to this end He allows our own schemes to fail, our judgment to mislead us. We grope and totter and make

countless mistakes until we learn to mistrust ourselves and

to put all our confidence in Him.

–Jean Nicholas Grou

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