Day 3 Notes

A new command I give you:

Love one another.

As I have loved you,

so you must love one another. 

By this all men will know

that you are my disciples,

if you love one another.”  
John 13:34-35


Day 3.  Memorize.  List ways I can work on implementing this “love verse” in my life.


Separating verses out, phrase by phrase, like I did above, often causes my mind to slow down and process each phrase for it’s meaning.  This is a verse in particular that I’ve hard a thousand times, so causing my brain to move from “rote” to something more meaningful and deep takes some twisting and turning of it.

I will go to a few other versions to try to wake up my mind and senses to the life of this verse:  ( helps me here quickly when I don’t have time to drag out my library.  I have pulled to a shortcut on my browser toolbar for easy reference I use it so often through the day to send scriptures in email and write notes).

So, I’ll just pull up a new Internet Explorer Window by clicking Start, IE again.  Then, I’ll click my shortcut.  I’ll type in the reference in the search box, and check the default version of the Bible on the box to the right of the search box.  I’ll enter my first version.  Then, I’ll select another version.  Then, click UPDATE.  After reading several version , I’ll copy and paste one that “woke me up to the verse” in some new way.   Sound tedious?  No, actually, it’s usually enlightening.  In this day and age, anything truly new and packed with meaning is a treasure of all treasures to me!  I get so tired of “junk”!  Though reading the scriptures on the net may seem awkward at first, I’ve found that keeping my mind busy in GOOD ways on the net is a great immunization against trouble one can get into on the net.  Try it!  You’ll get used to it when you find how handy it can be.

Okay, so this is one of those rare occasions where that exercise yielded ZERO.  So, what else can I do with the verse?  I can insert other verses into it that define love for me.  For example, the scripture passage Bro. Ray Bro. Ray used Sunday,   I Corinthians 13 (click to read) .

So, if I am patience, kind, gentle, not self seeking, not jealous, shows good manners, is not self-centered, is not boastful, not proud, not resentful, and does not give attention to wrongs done to it.  Love never fails.

If I truly was not concerned about the way I would be treated, would I live differently?  A very challenging question.  Just this week, I had an opportunity to minister, but did not because I was treated poorly when I served in the same way the last two times.   What would Jesus do? 

What would love do?  Would it take the risk? 

Lord, show me.


  • no internet when my kids get home from school.

  • check mail at scheduled times in the evening, maybe 7 and 10.

  • no blogging when my family is home.

  • sit on the couch, read, sew, or do something I can do while talking with more interest (fold laundry?) 

  • have personal work done by 10PM so that I can sit with hubby and talk or watch TV, even if I don’t want to watch TV (I generally don’t like TV late at night).

  • Give thought to meals that will fill, not just “food in the mouth”.  Plan the day’s food for the fam, though there are more interesting things to do.

  • Drop by hubby’s office one day a week, just to say “hi”.

  • Continue to volunteer at school

  • Send cards to people who need a lift

  • Call parents more regularly, when I don’t need anything.

  • Ask the Lord to guide in Bible Study with a friend who wants to learn to study. 

  • Go out to lunch with a friend a week.  

  • Work on being constantly aware of the fruit of the Spirit as my guide for Spirit filled living, not humanistic reasoning to guide my behavior.  (Help, Lord!)


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