Posted by: Joan | September 14, 2007

Psalm 119 Review

I have never taken time to read Psalm 119 straight through seriously.  It just seemed so long!  It’s like a blog post that goes on forever!  You can’t help but suspect that someone, somewhere, has surely say it more concisely.   You give up.

Well, not today, my friend.  Not today!  Diggin’ in!

I’ve divided it up into quadrants, and have been making personal notes on each section.  It’s been good.  I have one fourth left to go.  The emotion, vacillation between hope and helplessness, plea-ing, worship — so typical of my day.   Hubby laughed at that aspect.  I said, “Hon, that is most of my days.  Seriously.”  My mind really does have highs and lows like that a lot. 

For non-artisticly built people, this writer appears bi-polar (Did David write this one?  Anyone know?) .  In any case, he just feels emotions deeply, and can articulate them so quickly that they run over one another.  It’s almost funny at times to read.  Yet, it rings true for all of us — on many levels.  You can’t read it without thinking…”Man!  I’ve been there!”

Bro. Ray’s notes on prayer today were interesting.  I realized I need to re-evaluate some things in my prayer life as a result.  I hope you’ve been challenged as well.  I’m sure enjoying everyone’s comments.  Fun stuff through the week, “peoples”. 



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